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Assistants in Nursing

Welcome to the ANMF

The ANMF knows the work you do as part of the nursing and midwifery family is vital to delivering the best patient or resident care, and that you make a difference to Australians, when they need it most.

The ANMF is the union for you.  If you are doing nursing work and/or part of the nursing team at your workplace, welcome to the ANMF and the nursing and midwifery family. Join your branch.

The ANMF is there for you - when you need us, you can feel confident and safe in the knowledge that you are not alone. When you join the ANMF, you join with other nurses and midwives and one of Australia's largest unions.  Our job is to represent you professionally and industrially, throughout Australia.

Together we can ensure that Australian's receive the healthcare that they deserve - we know your frustrations around lack of hours, staffing numbers, and the pressures from employers to cut costs and cut corners. Safe and decent standards of care are a priority for the ANMF and the nursing and midwifery family. 

Assistants in Nursing

Welcome to the ANMF nursing and midwifery family.


The ANF represents all nursing professionals - registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing doing nursing work. 

Our priorities are respect for patients and residents, and ensuring there are enough nurses retained and trained to deliver the care every Australian needs.  


Assistants in nursing, you couldn't be in better hands with the ANF nursing and midwifery family.           

Visit our latest campaign to promote the work that nurses and midwives do every day, sign up to keep in contact with the ANF, and find out more about the ANF leadership.