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Grad Nurses and Midwives Need Jobs!

The Federal Government has appointed an expert panel to review the current regulations on employers accessing skilled labour offshore, including nurses and midwives. The ANMF made a submission focusing, in particular, on the high numbers of new nursing and midwifery graduates who have been finding it difficult to get work. | View submission


The Australian Parliament has now announced a further inquiry into the impact on overseas workers on the Australian economy, particularly on the impact that overseas work has on opportunities for local workers to gain employment.

The ANMF will be calling on the Government Inquiry to look very closely at the impact that overseas workers have on the opportunities available for Australian nursing and midwifery graduates to get employment.  We are in the process of preparing a written submission to the Inquiry and this should be available shortly on the ANMF website, as well as on Facebook. We are also working very closely with the ACTU on a campaign that will lift the profile of these issues in the general community.  Part of this will be a media campaign in major daily newspapers around the country.

We are looking to new graduates who are prepared to speak to the media about the difficulties that they have had in finding suitable employment. If you are interested please contact us.

ANMF Needs Your Stories

The ANMF is aware that new nursing and midwifery graduates are not being offered jobs. New grads, we need your personal stories of your struggles to find work. Your stories are valuable, and will help with understanding of the real problems facing nurses and midwives.